Entry #14

Halloween Contest Thank You

2012-11-14 09:31:21 by captainmcross

Wow, I am really excited to see that the Pencilmation Halloween ranked #1 in the video contest! I realize that in the eyes of the Newgrounds community, I must appear to be a man of few words, and it's true that I hardly do blog posts of contribute in the forums, but...thanks everyone! And a major thanks to Alkaizer for doing all of the hilarious voice acting in this episode and to Francis Florencio for his assistance in-betweening my animation, and of course to Black Spider Stomp for their smokin' hot track, Cee Lo Stomp.

I'm planning to do a Christmas episode among many other things, so stay tuned and enjoy the holidays. Personally, I can't stand the cold...(even though I live in Atlanta...)


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2012-11-14 14:21:50

Over half the blog posts here are of artists saying, "New project soon!"
You may not waste words, but your work speaks volumes. Kudos!


2013-01-19 23:45:39

Wuhuuuuuu! I'm the 1,500th Fan click ^^_


2013-02-24 03:25:43

Can you submit it on deviantart?


2014-07-25 18:49:15

Thanks for sharing your terrific work! The Pencilmation series is wonderful.


2017-07-10 17:39:15

So, no more animations here? I know the money's better over there, but I will never get a YouTube/Google account, ever.