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Wow, I am really excited to see that the Pencilmation Halloween ranked #1 in the video contest! I realize that in the eyes of the Newgrounds community, I must appear to be a man of few words, and it's true that I hardly do blog posts of contribute in the forums, but...thanks everyone! And a major thanks to Alkaizer for doing all of the hilarious voice acting in this episode and to Francis Florencio for his assistance in-betweening my animation, and of course to Black Spider Stomp for their smokin' hot track, Cee Lo Stomp.

I'm planning to do a Christmas episode among many other things, so stay tuned and enjoy the holidays. Personally, I can't stand the cold...(even though I live in Atlanta...)

Pencilmation #29: "Tricky Treat"

Happy Halloween everyone :D

Happy Halloween! Pencilmation #29

Pencilmation #27

2012-09-21 19:53:04 by captainmcross

Pencilmation #27 "Flower Power"

It's about flowers, and a chef, and poop, and a bunch of things really...

Music by David Naiditch
Animation assistance from Ben Snyder and Francis Florencio. Thanks guys!

*Interested in helping out with an episode? PM me with samples of your work.

Pencilmation #27

Pencilmation #26

2012-08-26 00:17:47 by captainmcross

The latest episode of Pencilmation!

When spermatozoid meet Star Wars. I'm not sure what was going through my mind this time...

Pencilmation #26

Pencilmation #25

2012-08-11 21:27:04 by captainmcross

New episode of Pencilmation!

"Taxi and I Know It"

I'm experimenting with a slightly different technique involving After Effects. Let me know what you think of this episode.


Pencilmation #25

Pencilmation #24

2012-07-22 21:15:00 by captainmcross

New Pencilmation episode! Pencilmation #24: "Plight of the Living Dude"


Pencilmation #23

2012-07-07 18:09:12 by captainmcross

Just finished a new episode of Pencilmation!

Episode #23, "The Wheel McCoy"

Check it out:

Pencilmation #22

2012-06-23 16:38:27 by captainmcross

Pencilmation #22: "Bee Mine"

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also experimenting with some new Hank ideas:

And if you do like Hank and want to wear him on a t-shirt, you can get one on Kickstarter because the project has been fully funded! r/the-hank-hanky-t-shirt-project

That's all for now, so go outside and eat a popsicle!

Pencilmation! Rancour's Away

2012-06-10 14:23:12 by captainmcross

Check out the latest P-Mation episode! The second episode in the second season which I am currently working on, and please let me know what you think :)

New Pencilmation Episode!

2012-05-27 10:52:14 by captainmcross

Hey everyone,

Just letting you know I finished a new Pencilmation episode and have put it up on Newgrounds.
Check it out :D "Pencilmation: Bettermorphosis"


New Pencilmation Episode!